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Customer Testimonials - Locksmith Toronto

Fast response time: 20 - 30 minutes

"Locksmith Toronto Ontario Services worked with my budget as I was opening up my store in downtown Toronto and setup all the locks and bolts with a great price!
- Derek S.

"I locked my keys in my car, and then called a tow truck company, they were not showing up for over 2 hours, then I called Locksmith Toronto Ontario Services.

They came within 20 minutes, opened my car and the prices were very affordable!
-Simon G.

"I live just outside Burlington, and was afraid a company with the name Toronto could help, but they did, thanks!
-Tom B.

"Will call you guys again if I need something, I promise!
-Stephen T.

"Thank you for your services and I highly recommend you guys.
-James B.

"Thank you for responsing in the time that you advertise, great trust there.
-Lisa P.

"Will definitely call you when I want to do something else in my home, thanks!
-Ana M.

"Great job for keeping it simple and straightforward the way I like it.
-Bob S.

"I was locking for a locksmith service company within Toronto and the GTA,

because I live in a remote part of Ontario, and Locksmith Toronto Ontario was quick, courteous and they came on time, great job!
- Dennis R.

"Tried out Locksmith Toronto Ontario for the first time and was happy with my service!
- Geoffrey R.

"Will recommend my friends to Locksmith Toronto Ontario the next time that they need something done
- Junior.

"Was happy with the friendly service, affordable prices and quick response time, I live in the beaches and they came fast
- Ayak Z.

"Great job, thanks you for your help and support. My family thanks you as well!
-Deborah H.

"With so many locksmith companies in Toronto, I chose the right one to help me, thank you!
-Liz A.

"If I ever will need to recommend a locksmith company to my family and friends,

I will definitely let them know about Locksmith Toronto Ontario!
-Samantha C.

"I was in an emergency situation on Ellesmere and Kennedy last week (Dec 30th, 2010) and I called Locksmith Toronto Ontario,

and they were able to unlock the keys from my car within 25 minutes, I was so thankful, great job!
-Miriam Y.

"I just purchased a new business and opened in the New Year,

and the guys at Locksmith Toronto Ontario helped get the CCTV system in order, thank you.
-Louie G.

I called Locksmith Toronto Ontario and they answered my call within 20 minutes in the snow storm this past week,

(Feb 2/2011) and they got my keys out of my locked car.
-Joel C.

The service was quick, friendly and affordable.

They arrived on time and were able to retrieve my keys that were locked in my car. Thank you Locksmith Toronto Ontario!
- Janet

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